239. World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs. Big Show vs. John Cena

WrestleMania 25
April 5, 2009
Reliant Stadium
Houston, TX

A love triangle between Edge, his then wife Vickie Guerrero, and her new side piece Big Show was blown open when John Cena uncovered Vickie’s feelings. It also allowed Cena to slide in to the title picture because this was 2009 and John Cena must always be in the World Title picture.

Vickie, in a wheelchair pushed by her nephew Chavo Guerrero, would be at ringside, ostensibly as an observer as the acting general manager of SmackDown. A jorted and arm banded army of John Cenas enter to Basic Thuganomics before the real John Cena runs down the aisle lined with lookalikes to his current theme, The Time Is Now.

As the match begins, Big Show does offer a unique element to the triple threat match simply because of his size. As things ramp up, Cena delivers a garbage high spot by executing a top rope famouser (very poorly) to Big Show on the outside. Cena and Show end up back in the ring when Chavo pulls Cena out only to eat an attitude adjustment. Cena slides back in and shoulder blocks Big Show, sending him stumbling backwards into the ropes, getting his arms caught in them. Edge reenters only to accidentally spear Vickie off the ring apron. Show finally frees himself and takes the fight to both men. He attempts to execute a double chokeslam, but can only get Edge. He then hits Cena with a knockout punch, but it wasn’t his finisher yet so he just leaves to go find Edge. The champion DDTs The Big Show on the outside to turn the tide and then uses the ring steps as a jumping off point, charging at Big Show and tackling him through the barricade.

When Edge gets back in the ring it doesn’t take long for Cena to catch the champ in the STF. The crowd is booing and not at all excited for the near finish. Big Show appears again and pulls Edge to the rope before slapping his big hand around Cena’s throat and breaking the submission hold. Big Show’s subsequent Vader bomb attempt on Edge misses and Cena and Edge perform a double suplex on The World’s Largest Athlete. They double clothesline the big man out of the ring and Edge is first to turn his attention back to Cena with a big boot.

Before long Big Show is right back in the mix. Edge puts a sleeper hold on Show, but Cena comes over to execute a double attitude adjustment. Instead, Edge falls off and Cena performs the move on Big Show. He then does an attitude adjustment to Edge on to Big Show and covers Big Show. He gets the three count and once again John Cena wins the World Heavyweight Championship.

The match is pretty mediocre and barely reads as a world title match or pay-per-view main event, let alone one at WrestleMania. One of the best things you can say about the match is that at least it wasn’t the last match of the night. But then again, it did go on after Taker/HBK 1, so it’s still a little unforgivable.


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