218. Tag Team Championship: The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Cesaro) (w/ Zeb Coulter) vs. Rybaxel (Curtis Axel & Ryback) vs. Los Matadores ( Fernando & Diego) (w/ El Torito) vs. The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)

WrestleMania XXX
April 6, 2014
Mercedes-Benz Superdome
New Orleans, LA

This four corners tag team match for the belts is fought under elimination rules, with just two wrestlers in the ring at a given time.

The early going takes a while to build steam, choosing to tell a tale of the confusion caused by having eight men in the match and the ability to randomly tag one’s self in. The early chaos builds toward the standard “jump in to a sea of humanity” spot when Los Matadores both leap to the outside onto their opponents, and shortly thereafter, a second version of the spot is done incorporating El Torito as well. As soon as order resumes, it takes only moments for Jack Swagger to eliminate Los Matadores with the ankle lock leaving just three teams.

The pace again somewhat grinds as Rybaxel takes control of the Usos. Ryback becomes dominant until Cesaro tags himself in and delivers the neutralizer. Cesaro covers and gets the three count to leave only the champs and The Real Americans contending.

All four men square off in the ring and do their opposing sing-a-long catch phrases. The Usos get the better of the initial exchange and toss The Real Americans out of the ring, following up with stereo suicide dives. After some exchanged spots, Swagger locks on the ankle lock. Chaos ensues until everyone is down. When action resumes, Cesaro accidentally knocks his partner from the ring and The Usos take advantage by hitting a double splash to Cesaro and pin to retain the titles.

After the match, Swagger angrily slaps the lock on Cesaro, by far the most over guy in the match. Maybe he was just upset that last year at WrestleMania he was fighting for the World Championship and this year he was losing on the preshow. Swagger thinks better of it and offers to shake hands, but Cesaro puts him in the Cesaro swing, a spot that was the most over spot of the whole segment.

The match isn’t bad, but it’s far from special, especially when contrasted with a match of the same style put on the next year that far out does this version.


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