220. The Barbarian (w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan vs. Tito Santana

WrestleMania VI
April 1, 1990
Toronto, ON

Two men who had competed as tag wrestlers a year earlier are back at Mania as singles competitors at WrestleMania VI.

In a surprising turn, Santana actually controls much of the offense in this match instead of the larger Barbarian. When Barbarian does gain control, he hits an absolutely brutal top rope clothesline that earns the term “decapitation” more than Demolition ever did (call me salty over Powers of Pain being a much better candidate for Demolition’s spot in WWF). Barbarian pins and gets the victory over the former Intercontinental Champion.

Far from anything ground breaking, but competent and not entirely what one would expect from this match up.


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