225. King Kong Bundy (w/ “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase) vs. The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer)

WrestleMania XI
April 2, 1995
Hartford Civic Center
Hartford, CT

Bundy is here for his first WrestleMania match since he was in the main event of WrestleMania 2. The Million Dollar Corporation had stolen Undertaker’s oddly swollen urn, setting up this bout. AL ump Larry Young is the referee, working as a side gig while the baseball strike was in full swing. This is Taker’s fourth match in his streak, but the first in his new purple accents.

Early in the match, Bundy clotheslines Taker over the top, but he lands on his feet near DiBiase. Taker simply just reaches over and yanks the urn back right out of The Million Dollar Man’s hands. With Bundy’s limited mobility by the point, the action turns on Kama being called to ringside by DiBiase and then stealing the urn back once more while Bundy pounds away at the distracted Undertaker.

Bundy charges in to the corner where Taker catches the big man with a big boot. Undertaker connects with a flying clothesline and covers to get the win.

A bit of an overbooked mess, but they had to make up for the limitations in the ring somehow. Hey, if you ever decide to watch the Undertaker’s streak, at least this will only take 7 minutes.


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