227. World Championship: Yokozuna (w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) vs. Lex Luger

WrestleMania X
March 20, 1994
Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY

A surprise announcement (by guest ring announcer Donnie Wahlburg) prior to the wrestlers entering was the introduction of Mr. Perfect as the guest referee. Not only is Perfect in a black and white striped referee’s shirt, but he is in striped pants as well.

As for the action, while Yokozuna was one of the most unique big men of all time, the sign in the crowd that reads “Lex Loser” says all that needs to be said about his opponent. The match is just a series of rest holds meant to make Luger look like an underdog and to save Yokozuna for his second match later in the evening. It builds to Luger bodyslamming Yokozuna (which he’d already done), and then hitting his metal plate flying forearm to knock out the champ.

Luger then promptly and somewhat inexplicably pulls both Cornette and Fuji in to the ring and pins Yokozuna. As Mr. Perfect attempts to clear the ring, Luger shoves him leading to a disqualification victory for Yokozuna to retain his title. The crowd chants bullshit for a pretty poor ending to an uneventful match.


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