236. Mr. Perfect (w/ The Genius) vs. Brutus The Barber Beefcake

WrestleMania VI
April 1, 1990
Toronto, ON

Beefcake, in ring gear even he should be embarrassed of, starts off like a house of fire. Perfect is at the top of his amazing selling game. To finally gain an advantage (to the dismay of Mary Tyler Moore, who is shown clapping fervently for Beefcake), Perfect employs The Genius’ (metal) scroll to Beefer’s cranium.

Beefcake eventually takes advantage of Perfect talking too much and catches him with a slingshot. Perfect has to leap through the air to hit his head on the ring post. Beefcake crawls over and covers to end Mr. Perfect’s perfect record.

I do not understand letting Beefcake be the one to do so whatsoever. Beefcake does his typical shtick after the match and puts The Genius in the sleeper and of course cuts his hair. Always sort of a gross gimmick, really.

A wonderful performance by Perfect wasted on Beefcake.


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