241. Women’s Championship: Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus

WrestleMania X8
March 17, 2002
Toronto, ON

It’s too bad these women got stuck between The Rock/Hogan classic and the Triple H/Jericho main event. It’s a spot that is damn near impossible to succeed in. Another obstacle is how early in Trish’s wrestling career this one is.

Jazz and Lita do a commendable job of attempting to carry the action in the early going. Trish, who is dressed like the Canadian flag, continually gets the brunt of the offense. Her offense is largely sloppy, so it’s not a bad thing. As Lita takes control, she sets up both opponents in the corner and ascends the turnbuckles for a moonsault, but lands on Trish’s raised knees (and shoots a little far).

Trish’s shortcomings are exhibited by a reversal out of the corner being a simple shoulder block instead of something more appropriate for the situation. Trish tries the stratusfaction, but Lita shoves her away in to the corner. She is meant to fall to the outside, but her leg gets caught up in a fairly nasty looking way. As Lita attempts to take the fight to Jazz, Trish recovers to knock her off. Jazz gets up and knocks Trish off the apron and then climbs the turnbuckles to deliver a fisherman’s suplex off the top to Lita. Jazz covers and gets three to retain her belt.

There’s nothing too botchy in the match, but it’s also nothing special. A forgettable match made more so by its poorly placed spot on the card.


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