243.John Morrison & The Miz vs. The Colons (Carlito & Primo)

WrestleMania 25
April 5, 2009
Reliant Stadium
Houston, TX

Another match that could have potentially been a match on the main card, seeing as that it was to unify the two different Tag Titles the WWE had going, but instead was pushed back to the preshow and turned in to a lumberjack match to get everyone a WrestleMania payday.

The match begins as you would essentially expect with the heels being tossed to the wolves several times and an emphasis on the flashy to get the crowd energized. A double springboard move from Carlito gets the crowd excited. Still, with all the athleticism on display from The Colons and John Morrison, it is the borderline unrecognizability of The Miz that continues to draw one’s eye. His baggy shorts and dyed black hair make him seem like an entirely different person.

Eventually, Morrison sets up for a reverse suplex which is expertly countered into a backstabber by Primo. He covers and gets the three count to combine the belts and become, with Carlito, the first Unified Tag Team Champions.

The match is fine, nothing special, and certainly has the feel of a preshow, but if you’re talking preshow matches at Mania, you could do much better or much worse than this one.


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