244. The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley)

WrestleMania 32
April 3, 2016
AT&T Stadium
Arlington, TX

The Dudleys’ return to WrestleMania after so many years is not the most memorable appearance. The match is technically part of the preshow, but in recent years that has become more and more a part of the event itself and not something separate. However, in this instance, the match does feel rushed. The entrances are somewhat truncated and the action starts immediately.

The Dudleys control much of the early action, utilizing quick tags and isolating Jimmy Uso. When Jey gets the hot tag, it lasts all of two moves before The Dudleys resume control and hit the diving headbutt before calling for tables. The tables don’t arrive because the Usos are there to superkick the brothers from other mothers before they can be retrieved.

Shortly thereafter, there are a second set of superkicks, this time putting D-Von down for the three count in a surprisingly abrupt finish. Within seconds, the Dudleys attack the victorious Usos and lay them out. The tables are finally brought in to the ring. Before the Dudleys can use them, a third set of superkicks turns the tide again and the Dudleys find themselves on the tables. The Usos fly off the top with splashes to get the last laugh.

The match is a confused and muddled affair. No single moment is really offensive, but it never finds a rhythm to latch on to. If you missed this one, you didn’t miss much.


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