249. The Undertaker vs. A-Train & The Big Show

WrestleMania XIX
March 30, 2003
Safeco Field
Seattle, WA

This was supposed to be a tag team match, but on Heat, A-Train and Big Show, with the help of Nunzio, lured Undertaker’s would be tag team partner Nathan Jones in to a locker room where they laid him out with a chair, making him unable to compete later in the evening.

I really began to believe that they might have Taker finally lose and were only making it a handicap match to allow Taker to still look strong. As the match itself begins, Undertaker wastes no time at all, chokeslamming A-Train immediately and going for the cover but only getting two. Either way it gets the crowd gong. A-Train and Big Show continually use the numbers game to their advantage, but have trouble keeping The Undertaker down for long. When they finally do, it’s mostly rest holds and trash talking.

After Big Show chokeslams Undertaker, the crowd’s attention turns to the aisle where Nathan Jones has emerged from the back. Jones floors Big Show with a roundhouse kick, while A-Train attempts a cover for two. As both men get back to their feet, Taker irish whips A-Train right in to a big boot from Nathan Jones. Undertaker tombstones A-Train and gets the three to record his 11th WrestleMania victory consecutively.

Soon, Nathan Jones was gone, and by the next year, so was the American Badass gimmick, thankfully. Way down on the list of Taker WrestleMania matches.


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