258. The Great Khali vs. Kane

WrestleMania 23
April 1, 2007
Ford Field
Detroit, MI

I mean, just close your eyes and picture The Great Khali fighting Kane. That’s basically what you get here. OK, it’s a little bit better than you might imagine. But we all know that isn’t saying a whole lot.

There is some degree of interest in seeing Kane so outsized, but Khali’s inability to move or wrestle detracts from that spectacle. As the match draws to a close, outside elements are unnecessarily introduced. Khali, in a silly display, rips open a turnbuckle pad, leaving the corner looking like dinner time at the Steele household. Kane then uses his movie prop hook and chain from See No Evil to crotch Khali, and then bodyslams him in in what admittedly is a pretty cool looking display.

But Kane’s cover results in a two count and then being tossed away emphatically before then trying a chokeslam that Khali turns into a double handed chokeslam. Khali, unable to really get to the mat and back up again, pins with a foot on the chest of the Big Red Monster. He gets three and the win before beating Kane down further with his own chain.

I guess it could have been worse.


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