260. Al Snow & Steve Blackman (w/ Chester McCheeserton) vs. T&A (Test & Albert) (w/ Trish Stratus)

WrestleMania 2000
April 2, 2000
Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
Anaheim, CA

It’s probably an omen that as soon as action begins, JR’s headset goes out. King tries to struggle through while it’s out, but boy is it a struggle. It’s hard to focus on the action while it’s going on, but that’s also not an entirely bad thing.

Neither team here was established, and Snow & Blackman’s onscreen story even revolved around them trying to find their gimmick. In this instance, Al Snow has named the team Head Cheese and enlisted a little person dressed as a wedge of cheese with the ass cheeks cut out named Chester McCheeserton (yes, really) as their mascot.

The match devolves almost immediately with pins being abandoned, work being sloppy, and no clear story going on in the match. They somehow manage to screw it up so bad that on a double tag, the heel, Test, assumes the hot tag.

Perhaps the only highlight is Al Snow executing an Asai moonsault to Albert. While the clusterfuck inside the ring unfolds,Chester McCheeserton leers at and chases Trish around the ring. Test finally hits a flying elbow off the top to get the win.

After the match Blackman and Snow beat up Chester mercilessly. What in the fuck is this match?


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