264. Sid Justice (w/Harvey Whippleman) vs. Hulk Hogan

WrestleMania VIII
April 5, 1992
Hoosier Dome
Indianapolis, IN

This garbage choice for a main event is a joke.

The match starts while Hogan’s music continues to play for another full minute.

So basically what happens in this match is nothing at all. There is a decent chokeslam by Sid in there somewhere, but then Sid goes and talks awkwardly to the camera and ruins the one good second of this 12-plus minute match. Even when the match is supposed to be brutal, and Whippleman distracts the ref, the weapon that Sid chooses to pick up and use is the doctor’s bag. Not a chair, not the stairs, a leather bag with a stethoscope inside.

Sid eventually hits the powerbomb, but that just leads to a two count and the traditional Hogan routine. The most interesting thing about this match is that Papa Shango missed his cue and was supposed to break up this pin after Hogan’s leg drop. Instead, Whippleman is forced to jump in the ring, put his hands on the ref, and get Sid DQed.

As Papa Shango hits the ring, the two men beat down Hogan momentarily until the surprise return of The Ultimate Warrior.

Just a disaster of a main event. In what was billed as possibly Hogan’s last match, he would make his return before long and be on the next year’s WrestleMania card.


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