266. 18-Man Interpromotional Battle Royal

WrestleMania 22
April 2, 2006
Allstate Arena
Rosemont, IL

Participants: Snitsky, Goldust, Lance Cade, Simon Dean, Johnny Nitro, The Road Warrior, Viscera, Steven Richards, Rob Conway, Funaki, Joey Mercury, Tyson Tomko, Matt Striker, Super Crazy, Eugene, Psicosis, William Regal, Trevor Murdoch

The first brand split era also brought the interpromotional battle royal as a new WrestleMania tradition. This incarnation of the WrestleMania battle royal may be the midcard-iest version ever.

It begins as Simon Dean attempts to introduce himself, only to be tossed out within seconds. The action continues, inoffensive but largely uninteresting as the numbers dwindle.

The match gets a sort of a reset when we reach eight men, four from each show. From Raw, Snitsky, Trevor Murdoch, Viscera, and Tyson Tomko remain, and their SmackDown counterparts are tag team champions MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro), Psicosis, and The Road Warrior (aka Animal). The Chicago crowd strongly backs their hometown hero Road Warrior when he becomes the only remaining SmackDown competitor against Viscera and Snitsky of Raw.

Viscera lifts The Road Warrior up in a fireman’s carry to toss him over the top, but Snitsky betrays him and drills him with a big boot. The Road Warrior goes tumbling out of the ring, eliminated. With Viscera staying in the ring, Snitsky stays on him. He attempts yet another big boot but Big Vis dodges it. Snitsky goes careening out of the ring and The World’s Largest Love Machine gets a victory at WrestleMania.

It’s nice to see Viscera get the win after serving the company for so long, but the match itself is severely lackluster, even for a preshow battle royal.


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