271.Lex Luger & The British Bulldog vs. Jacob & Eli Blu (w/ Uncle Zebekiah)

WrestleMania XI
April 2, 1995
Hartford Civic Center
Hartford, CT

This isn’t exactly a hot opener. All four men are big hosses who possess a whole lot of power but very little in the way of speed or agility, which does not exactly make for a dynamic match.

Bulldog and Luger try to put together a tandem spot early to mirror each other’s moves against their mirror image opponents, but Luger is way behind Davey Boy’s pace, which simply looks sloppy. After a flying forearm by Luger and a subsequently broken up pin, chaos ensues. Luger knocks Uncle Zebekiah (aka Zeb Coulter aka Dutch Mantell) off the apron as the twins pull the old switcheroo. However, in the switch the only advantage gained is immediately ending up near the face’s corner, Bulldog making a blind tag as one of the Blu’s attempts to set up a piledriver on Luger, and then Bulldog climbs the turnbuckle from the outside, leaps in over the men, and makes a sunset flip out of it for the three count.

A confused, sloppy mess that really exemplifies where the company was at the time, which was not a good spot.


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