276. Dino Bravo (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. The Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich

WrestleMania VII
April 24, 1991
Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
Los Angeles, CA

It’s truly sad that this would be Von Erich’s only singles match at WrestleMania (he also partook in an eight man tag). Almost as sad is that it is WrestleMania VII and Dino Bravo is still getting WrestleMania matches.

Bravo looks rough, and works stiff. Von Erich’s considerable talents and charisma can’t carry Bravo. The self-proclaimed world’s strongest man hits his side slam finisher but The Tornado kicks out.

Bravo proceeds with some absolutely terrible axe handle smashes, but ends up getting caught in the claw and subsequently nailed with the discuss punch, giving The Texas Tornado the pinfall victory.

This took place in March of 1991. Both Von Erich and Bravo would be dead within two years, in February and March, respectively, of 1993.

Von Erich tragically became the third of the famed wrestling brothers to take their own life. Bravo was murdered, shot 17 times in his home. It is believed that he was killed after crossing organized crime bosses in a cigarette smuggling operation.


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