282. Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres vs. Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

WrestleMania XXVIII
April 1. 2012
Sun Life Stadium
Miami, FL

One of the final women’s matches at a WrestleMania that was a true waste of our time. The promo video for the match is totally devoid of wrestling, it’s a package positioning the women more as models than athletes. The Divas Champion Beth Phoenix was paired with Eve Torres.  Meanwhile, the face team was coopted into the celebrity participation segment of the night with Extra host Maria Menounos teaming with scream machine Kelly Kelly.

The fact that they are proudly touting the fact that Perez Hilton has been following the divas all week tells you really all you need to know about this match.

The heels control much of the match outside of a few choice spots, such as when Kelly and Maria give a double stink face to Eve, the end result of which being that Eve has makeup all over the ass of her white pants, which is not a great look. The crowd chants Daniel Bryan for a while and generally disengages with the ring work.

Maria does her part, not a bad effort for a celebrity participant, all told. But Kelly Kelly is no better a wrestler than her non-wrestler teammate. Kelly does manage to hit a pretty nice flipping whoopee cushion, but the bulldog counter to the glam slam is hideous. Kelly uses the aforementioned counter to tag in Maria, and with Kelly’s help, Maria manages to roll up Beth Phoenix, who, remember, is the champion, and Maria Menounos, host of Extra, pins Beth.

BJJ fighter Eve Torres and skilled wrestler Beth Phoenix were not restoring credibility to the division back at WrestleMania XXVIII.


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