285. Hardcore Championship: Goldust vs. Maven vs. Spike Dudley vs. Al Snow vs. The Hurricane vs. Mighty Molly vs. Christian

WrestleMania X8
March 17, 2002
Toronto, ON

The Hardcore Championship and the 24/7 rule was somehow still a thing in 2002. This match is difficult to write about, and you’ll soon understand why.

Maven, fresh off winning the inaugural season of Tough Enough, had won the belt. He was getting his WrestleMania moment, defending the belt against Goldust. As the match begins, golden spray painted weapons litter the ring and Goldust begins to beat down the champion. Maven meanwhile is incredibly sloppy and boring, using a very generic move set, generic music, and generic ring gear.

After an uneventful three minutes, Maven and Goldust nail each other simultaneously with gold trash can lids. As Maven lays in the ring, Spike Dudley suddenly appears with a separate referee and pins Maven for three to win the belt. Crash Holly is there, hot on his tail as Spike speeds out of there. Maven and Goldust take off after them as well…but this is not the end of this match.

After a performance from Drowning Pool, we catch up with our players backstage. Al Snow crashes through an inexplicable wall of cardboard boxes. The Hurricane swoops in, literally, on a cable, and kicks Spike in the face. He covers and Hurricane is the new champion.

Later on, Hurricane attempts to leave the building and encounters his sidekick Mighty Molly, who betrays him in the form of a frying pan to the head. Molly pins Hurricane and becomes the new Hardcore Champion.

Later, when Molly is leaving, watching where she’s come from, she’s nailed in the face with a door. Christian, after losing his opportunity at DDP’s European Title earlier in the night, now pins Molly to win the Hardcore Championship.

As the night nears the main event, Christian is again seen, now leaving. He has a cab, loads in his bag, and is surprised from behind. Maven rolls him up with a school boy and gets the three. He grabs the title and hops in Christian’s cab, stealing both that and apparently his gear bag in the trunk.

It’s a match that gets turned in to an all-night-long comedy segment with zero consequence where the uninteresting uncharismatic guy who walked in with the belt also walks out with it. A big step down from the triple threat Hardcore Championship match the year prior.


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