288. Steve Blackman & Grand Master Sexay vs. X-Factor (X-Pac & Justin Credible) (w/ Albert)

WrestleMania X-Seven
April 1, 2001
Houston, TX

There aren’t many more deplorable factions in WWE history than X-Factor.

Scotty 2 Hotty had been injured, so Blackman was recruited by Grand Master Sexay for this match on Sunday Night Heat on MTV to get the crowd going in Houston. The most notable part of this match is Blackman begrudgingly dancing with Grand Master Sexay before the match.

Other than that, we see a pretty run of the mill tag match. Grand Master Sexay gets isolated for a while before tagging in Blackman. Albert tries to interject, but Blackman and Grand Master catch him and rack him on the ropes. When they turn around, however, both men are met with superkicks from X-Pac and Justin Credible. X-Pac pins Blackman and just like that gets a three count.

Another highly forgettable match just there to appease MTV and to keep the crowd alive until the meat of the show takes the stage.


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