291. Women’s Championship: Ivory vs. Chyna

WrestleMania X-Seven
April 2, 1001
Houston, TX

Chyna’s first angle going after the women’s title was a bit of a slow burn. Ivory, a very accomplished wrestler in her own right, had broken Chyna’s neck at Royal Rumble, and this was the return of the Ninth Wonder of the World.

Ivory begins the match with an attack from behind with the women’s title and pounds away at the injured neck of Chyna. After that, Chyna essentially demolishes the champ until finally press slamming her and leaning back on top of her for the cover. Chyna wins her first and only Women’s Championship, which she would never lose (Trish Stratus would win her first title after winning a six woman match for the vacant belt on Raw the following November).

The match itself isn’t much, but it serves its purpose on this show as it is arguably Chyna’s biggest WrestleMania moment.


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