292. Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

WrestleMania XX
March 14, 2004
Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY

This match had an epic build up. Championships were won and lost for the sake of it, with Lesnar eliminating Goldberg from the Royal Rumble despite not being an entrant himself. The following month at No Way Out, Goldberg speared Lesnar, leading to the loss of his World Championship to Eddie Guerrero. That’s right, just two months before this match, Goldberg was the Royal Rumble favorite, and only one month prior, Brock Lesnar was still World Champion.

By the time the match happened, they were forced to introduce Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee to prop the match up as the audience knew that Goldberg was leaving after his 1 year contract expired after Mania, and that Lesnar had also made the recent decision to split to try his hand at the NFL.

In terms of the actual match, it takes several minutes until they finally engage in a collar and elbow tie up. A raw power matchup, the fight ends up on the outside. The crowd is the hottest part of the match, chanting derogatory things at both wrestlers.

After a plodding match, Goldberg spears Lesnar but Brock kicks out just before Austin’s hand hits the mat for three. Goldberg gets in Austin’s face just long enough to give Lesnar the chance to get up and nail an F5, but Goldberg manages to kick out also. Lesnar attempts a spear, but misses, giving Goldberg the opportunity to execute a spear and jackhammer giving him the win as Austin counts three.

After the match, a Goldberg celebration inevitably becomes a Stone Cold drinking party. The referee is unequivocally the star of the match, as it probably should be.

The match is an embarrassment, with a storyline completely and utterly derailed by departures is even further demolished by a garbage fire of a match.


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