304. The Big Show Paul Wight vs. Mankind

WrestleMania XV
March 28, 1999
First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA

A silly storyline match where the winner will be the referee in the main event between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Did they just not want anyone to know anything that was going to happen before WrestleMania XV? This was just one of a few TBD portions of WrestleMania, a strategy that did not make for an especially good show.

By this point, Mankind had gone through his famous Hell in a Cell match the prior summer. It’s no coincidence that you can see he simply moves differently from his previous WrestleMania matches. He was a changed man after that moment.

After some high impact stuff using the ring stairs, Mr. Socko is brought out quickly. For reasons that make no kayfabe sense, Foley moves behind Wight, allowing him to lift him up and fall back on top of him. A couple of lazy strikes later and Paul Wight inexplicably uses a chair. He tosses a couple chairs in the ring, sets them up, and chokeslams Mankind on to them, which finally prompts his disqualification and hands the win to Mankind before hitting him with a chair some more.

This is a storyline match that muddles the storyline deeply, including very little, if any, explanation of character motivation.

Afterwards, Vince McMahon comes out, irate at the stupidity of Wight, who was his handpicked choice to be ref. McMahon grabs his arm, bringing to mind Heenan and Andre from WrestleMania VI. When Vince finally slaps The Big Show, he gets a knockout punch for his trouble. Nothing makes sense.


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