306. Layla, Alicia Fox, Vickie Guerrero, Maryse, & Michelle McCool vs. Eve Torres, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, & Beth Phoenix

WrestleMania XXVI
March 28, 2010
University of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, AZ

Another match from the extended time period where the WWE decided to toss every woman on the roster into one big four minute match.

Both the Divas Champion (Maryse) and the Women’s Champion (Michelle McCool) are put on the same side, largely because the WWE has still never figured out how to have a successful female face champion.

The action focuses on Vickie getting what’s coming to her, but it only takes a couple minutes before we go through our finisher progression, with everyone getting their shit in, leaving only Beth Phoenix and Vickie in the ring. Before Beth can really get her hands on her, Michelle makes the save. Team Laycool helps Vickie perform an absolutely embarrassing frog splash on Kelly Kelly that Michael Cole calls a hog splash.

She pins Kelly but rolls up her legs too far and accidentally lifts her shoulders off the mat. She has to pretend it was intentional and just sort of squash splashes Kelly a couple times before pinning again and getting the three count.

It’s simply a trash match with no redeeming qualities wherein a non-wrestler goes over. Avoid at all costs.


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