314. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Sable) vs. The Ultimate Warrior

WrestleMania XII
March 31, 1996
Arrowhead Pond
Anaheim, CA

This is a bizarre couple of minutes.

Warrior hadn’t wrestled for WWE in nearly 4 years. Jerry Lawler was spreading rumors that he had shaved his head and was 400 pounds. Sable was debuting with Triple H.

Before Warrior even gets his coat off, Helmsley attacks from behind and quickly gives him a pedigree. Warrior stands right back up, finally removes his coat, no sells some shots from Hunter and goes in to hi regular routine. Some clotheslines, a flying shoulder tackle, a gorilla press slam and a splash. Warrior rolls him over, kneels on his chest for a pin, and wins the match.

How did this happen? Warrior would, of course, be gone soon. Triple H would go on to win 14 world titles. Sable would be one of the most popular stars in the company within a couple years.

This is one of strangest moments and matches in WrestleMania history, and it lasted about a minute and a half.


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