322. Women’s Championship: Velvet McIntyre vs. Fabulous Moolah

WrestleMania 2
April 7, 1986
Rosemont Horizon
Rosemont, IL

What a step down for the women’s title from the previous Mania’s showcase match between Wendi Richter and Leilani Kai.

As the match begins, Moolah tosses Velvet around. Velvet mounts a comeback until she flies off the top, misses, nearly comes out of her clothes, and then gets pinned after a sort of splash which was really just a pin.

The match is less than a minute and a half, and that minute and a half is a slog. There is nothing good to write about this one, not the action, the booking, or finish, which has the feeling of being a botch even though it may have been the plan.

It was such a nightmare for the women’s division to be turned over to Moolah once again that the women’s title would get retired and reintroduced before the next time it was  featured on WrestleMania eight years later.


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