325. Women’s Championship: Sable vs. Tori

WrestleMania XV
March 28, 1999
First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA

This match is amazing. For all the wrong reasons. Tori had been Sable’s stalker, but quickly became her challenger. Tori is wearing ring gear reminiscent of Giant Gonzalez, which is not at all a good thing.

Neither woman can wrestle a lick so not a single move looks good, but Sable seems to be the one carrying Tori. They attempt a series of pins, but it is sloppy and embarrassing. After a ref bump, Sable attempts the Sable Bomb. As she sets up, the camera clearly shows Nicole Bass sidling up to the ring. Tori “reverses” the Sable Bomb, by which Michael Cole means that she sort of lands on her knees. Tori sets up for her own powerbomb, but Nicole Bass finally makes her poorly disguised run-in and hits Tori. She follows it up with a press slam and tells Sable to cover. The ref is back and he counts the three.

This is a nightmare. The first Women’s Championship match in five years is more embarrassing than its five year absence. I guess at least it wasn’t the Playboy Women’s Championship match.


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