326. “The Model” Rick Martel vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

WrestleMania VII
March 24, 1991
Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
Los Angeles, CA

Some people like this match. And if you were there, I kind of get it.

The storyline goes that Martel had sprayed his patented cologne “Arrogance” in to Jake’s eye. This led to a pretty cool angle where Jake wore a grotesque looking contact in one eye and was temporarily blind.

jake eye

By the time of WrestleMania VII, Roberts had gotten his sight back, but to really pay off the angle, this was a blindfold match. Both men were put in black hoods so that neither one could see, just as had been Jake’s fate for all those months. The entire match is Martel flopping around the ring, frightened, eventually accidentally grabbing Damian’s bag and the like, while Jake spins in circles pointing, asking for the crowd’s guidance.

It’s basically a one move match, as when he finally gets his hands on him, Jake delivers the DDT to Martel for the win. Sure, it is unique, but that’s not always good. In reality, it’s an 8 minute game of hide and seek. The match has zero action. One of the biggest wastes of a match in Mania history.


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