327. Sable & Torrie Wilson vs. Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler

WrestleMania XX
March 14, 2004
Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY

This was a Playboy evening gown match. Yes, you did read that right. If you’re keeping score, it is our second match on this list (within two years of each other) that is a Torrie Wilson match with a Playboy branded name. It was 2004, and this was the kind of shit that the WWE was doing at WrestleMania for its women’s wrestlers, obviously.

The storyline was that Miss Jackie & Stacy of Raw were angry that Torrie & Sable had gotten the Playboy spread instead of them. Before the match even begins, in true Sable form, Sable announces that she’s uncomfortable, so the SmackDown girls take their gowns off straight away. The Raw girls follow suit, but Jackie gets cold feet and since she won’t strip. The crowd boos and Sable and Torrie do it for her.

Torrie does execute a semi-competent flying crossbody off the top rope. At one point, Torrie and Stacy trade pins that are technically decent. A roll up on Miss Jackie from Torrie ends the match, mercifully.

Another short but incredibly painful exhibition of all the things that were wrong with WWE’s women’s wrestling for over a decade. It should just be wiped from history.


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