331. The Rock vs. Erick Rowan (w/ Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, & Braun Strowman)

WrestleMania 32
April 3, 2016
AT&T Stadium
Arlington, TX

I know what you might be thinking: should this even count? But WWE went out of their way to provide a referee and put The Rock in full ring gear in an attempt to create what they thought would be a classic WrestleMania moment with a new record: the shortest Mania match ever, a lightning quick six seconds. What they actually got was a Wyatt Family burial.

The Rock had been advertised to appear at WrestleMania for months. When he finally appeared on screen, it was to light a giant sign of his name on fire with a flame thrower and announce a new WWE attendance record, but immediately after doing so, the Wyatts made their presence felt…sort of. After Bray & friends arrived, The Rock immediately chopped them down verbally and basically took the piss out of them in a comedy spot that the Wyatts were terribly ill-suited for. The Rock would then challenge them to a match and Erick Rowan would accept. In Rowan’s WrestleMania debut there was a single move, a rock bottom, that put him down for three. When the Wyatts took the fight to The Rock after the fact, it was John Cena, former 2-time WrestleMania adversary of Rocky, who appeared for the first time in several weeks to make the save. The Rock and Cena celebrated after they vanquished the villains, and the showed rolled on to the main event.

But the biggest reason this is so low on the list is that it is just the absolute worst use of the Wyatts possible. At least in Daniel Bryan’s embarrassingly short WrestleMania match it led to a two out of three falls match the following month in his rematch with Sheamus and 3 later WWE World Title reigns. The Wyatts, meanwhile, have barely been seen since that evening (due in part to Bray Wyatt’s injury). Would it have killed the WWE to include the Wyatts one segment earlier as contenders in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal instead of the Social Outcasts and let someone like Heath Slater take the loss in this segment? The four Outcasts could certainly still have necessitated the Cena involvement, but I digress.

If you value all that the Wyatts could be, but lament the ways in which they are frequently used, this is your Waterloo.


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